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Sizer Technologies Releases New Version of its AI-Powered Body Measurement App

Herzelia Pituach, February 9, 2022. Sizer Technologies announced today the release of its latest version of its AI-powered body measurement app which applies self-scanning technology to generate exact body measurements for consumers to make shopping online easier.  The new app has a brand-new look and an even better user experience, making it easier than ever to find clothes that fit.

The app re-design is an integral part of Sizer’s rebranding process which incorporates a beautiful new color palette, new logo and a new crafted tagline “start with the right measures”.  This move reflects Sizer’s new mission and growing momentum in the market whilst embodying the company’s spirit of transparency, innovation, and fun.

With this new app release, Sizer’s AI technology and deep-learning algorithms continue to calculate customer’s precise body measurements, via a one-time scan that uses the front camera of any mobile device and provides personalized true sizing data tailored to everyone’s individual fit.  The technology’s measurement accuracy is now also higher than ever, which greatly reduces sizing inaccuracies and supports consumers in making informed purchases, that can save businesses upwards of millions to billions of dollars with an estimated third of revenue lost to returns.

The app has also been carefully designed and tested for uniform and workwear vendors, which can dramatically improve efficiency of sizing employees and fit them with the correct uniforms first time around, wherever they are located. Sizer is known to be game-changing, with companies experience savings on time, substantial costs, and labor-intensive process, and of course a massive positive impact on sustainability.

“Shopping online holds a lot of uncertainty with inconsistent sizing across brands” says Adam Kaplan, Sizer CEO. “We know that this discourages consumers and is extremely costly to retailers. Our sizing data solutions empower buyers to make correct online purchases and fashion retailers and workwear companies to improve their value chain and drive sustainability. By onboarding a virtual fitting solution, retailers and workwear vendors can demonstrate a tangible commitment to making life easier for shoppers of all sizes and body types”

Nicole Levitt Sizer VP Marketing added, “Our new app continues to reflect our promise to always deliver the most accurate body measure data and ensure that our customers start with the right measures”.  With this new app in place, Sizer is well positioned to support its loyal customers as they grow and expand adoption across new industries, and new geographic regions worldwide.

The new Sizer app is available to download on Playstore  and Appstore.

Sizer. Start with the right measures.

About Sizer Technologies

Sizer offers powerful, convenient, and customer-friendly body measurements solutions, empowering our partners to leverage valuable sizing-data, improving their offering and services. The patented Sizer body measuring solution captures the user’s body measurements and translates them into highly accurate size recommendations. Companies around the globe including Wacoal America, Hunter Apparel Solutions, Australian Defence Apparel (ADA), Landau Uniforms, Alsico, CT2, Aristocracy London and A+ Career Apparel trust Sizer to help them solve the customer friction of incorrect fit. With Sizer, companies and customers experience improvements in their daily operations and massive savings in time, costs and returns. Sizer is a private company headquartered in Israel and was recently awarded the Best Application of Innovation Technology by the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide Ltd (PCIAW®). For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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