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Landau Uniforms is the leading uniform manufacturer for the USA healthcare market, with a deep history of industry innovation dating back to 1939. After pioneering the healthcare uniform market, they’ve never stopped seeking out ways to improve it.

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The Challenge

With over 55 years of experience in the field, Landau supports every part of healthcare organizations’ uniform fitting process and understands the industry’s unique needs.

Accurate fitting is always a challenge, but the healthcare market presents specific demands that require special attention. The result is a typically costly, time-consuming, and labor-intensive manual procedure.

Today in particular, a safe, contact-free process is a must for healthcare companies. So is a quick and straightforward procedure that doesn’t take up too much time or demands costly, multiple sampling size sets.

Landau needed a fitting technology partner that could answer these needs, making it easy for healthcare organizations to manage the process. Sizer was challenged to help decrease the complex logistics of fitting while ensuring high rate of measurement accuracy

The Solution

Sizer worked closely together with Landau to develop a fully customized, white-label app, under the name Landau MyFit, to provide a contact-free, user-friendly fitting process that employees are free to complete independently within minutes. Simply by using the front camera of any mobile device, Sizer’s technology generates body measurements, and then accurately determine size recommendations for each garment for every user.

Thanks to the app, full-day sizing events make room (literally) for a simple, contact-free process that can be done anywhere, on employees’ time, and according to their specific preferences.

Eliminating the need for massive fitting events also makes the entire process much safer and more hygienic. The results are accurate and professional, offering individual, algorithmically created size recommendations for each employee. The app protects employees’ privacy and doesn’t store or share any images.

“Sizer’s highly accurate sizing solutions together with Landau’s promise to always exceed customer expectations and ensure every garment is made to fit and made to last, are a great match”

Will Hacker

VP Business Development, Landau Uniforms

Business Impact


Eliminates the need for full-day sizing events that can disrupt patient care. Employees can be measured in a few minutes whether they are at home or at work


Online dashboard captures recommended sizes for each individual, at every client. This data can be used to simplify tabulating the needs for any uniform order.


Provides an accurate and professional fit for employees. The app displays size recommendations that are algorithmically created for each individual.


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