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  • 02.05.22

    Four key actions you can take to reduce clothing returns to lessen their impact on their planet and minimize your financial losses.

    Four key things you can do about clothing returns to lessen their impact on their planet and minimise your financial losses.

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  • 10.04.22

    A quick history of iconic airline uniforms

    Airline stewards often complain about the poor fit of their uniforms. These are the people we depend on in an airborne emergency. Don’t they deserve to have the most comfortable, best fit possible?

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  • 10.04.22

    The Evolution of Diversity and Inclusivity in Bra Sizing

    Historically speaking, the lingerie industry has been slow to embrace diversity and inclusivity. But now, thanks to technology, bra makers can finally give every woman a personalised fitting experience and provide a bra that fits.

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  • 09.03.22

    What the Metaverse means for fashion and which brands are leading the way

    March 2022 marks the first-ever Metaverse Fashion Week, demonstrating the increasing interest and demand for virtual clothing

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  • 20.02.22

    Six great tools to help grow your fashion business in 2022

    Digital-first fashion brands are now competing with high street stores who have successfully developed their own digital platforms.

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  • 25.01.22

    2022 digital trends in fashion

    2021 represented a paradigm shift where our digital selves became ever more present, significant, and engaged. Many people began new working relationships with co-workers they had never met in the flesh.

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  • 05.01.22

    Can digital tools help reduce the curse of post holiday season customer returns?

    Every retail business dreads the post Christmas sales slump but fashion retailers have to contend with reduced sales income and the impact of returns and refunds. Through smart technology and improved messaging, online retailers can lift the curse of post holiday season customer returns.

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  • 08.12.21

    The Impact of Fast Fashion on Workers and the Environment

    Fast fashion has taken the industry by storm in recent years. In a world driven by instant gratification and ever-changing trends, companies can’t help but indulge the public’s preferences.

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  • 15.11.21

    The Cure for Sizing Issues: Body Measuring in the Post-Covid World

    The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives in countless ways. In the apparel sector, both businesses and customers...

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  • 11.11.21

    3 Trends in Uniforms and Workwear Spotted at A+A and PCIAW Summit

    Some of you already know that I recently joined Sizer as the VP of Business Development. More on the why and how of that to come soon 🙂

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  • 05.07.21

    Good Measure: How Smart Fitting Influences Customer Trust

    Businesses know that sizing issues hurt their bottom line. As the leading reason for product returns, getting the wrong size leads to additional shipping, storage, and packaging costs, as well as the environmental footprint.

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