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Good Measure: How Smart Fitting Influences Customer Trust

Businesses know that sizing issues hurt their bottom line. As the leading reason for product returns, getting the wrong size leads to additional shipping, storage, and packaging costs, as well as the environmental footprint. This is a common problem in the fashion sector, where customers often choose a method called “bracketing,’ in which they order the same garment in more than one size to cover all the bases. Nearly 30% of shoppers state that they purchase multiple items knowing fully well that they’ll end up returning at least some of them

But when we think of this topic, we often leave out one critical outcome. Sizing issues have a problematic influence on businesses not just because they cause logistic troubles but also because they damage customer trust. Here are three reasons why fashion and retail companies must pay extra attention to measuring in order to boost trust and loyalty.  

Deliver on your promise 

You’ve created beautiful, high-quality garments, built robust packaging and delivery infrastructure, and designed a seamless online purchasing experience. Still, sizing problems can put all your hard work at risk and leave a bad taste due to a terrible final note. The wrong size makes everything seem wrong and today’s demanding audiences can be unforgiving. Almost 70% of millennial shoppers expect a perfect shopping journey from brands, and if the end result just doesn’t fit, might not buy from the same brand again. For brands that rely on online size charts, the fact that the company’s recommendation failed to deliver makes the brand seem untrustworthy in every sense. 

Fit for their needs

On the other hand, customers appreciate it when brands get their size exactly right. This sends a message to the shopper, letting them know that the brand understands them and their needs. Customers will repurchase from a company if they can trust its sizing recommendations and rest assured that the end result would match their vision. Companies that invest resources in reaching a perfect fit tell customers that they’re willing to go the extra mile to provide a positive shopping journey and prevent the inconvenience of product returns. Companies need a remote tech-based measuring solution that connects their business to this positive outcome to boost customer loyalty. 

Let them know you care

Tailored remote fitting takes things to the next level by offering a personalized measuring experience. Instead of trying to form the perfect size chart, brands choose a customer-facing approach that sees the individual behind the size and adapts to their specific body measurements. One great example is Sizer’s partnership with premium bra brand Wacoal America, which offers customers the AI-powered MybraFit app that instantly discovers the perfect bra size. At the end of the day, customers want garments to be flattering and appropriate, which can only be achieved through an individual fitting experience. 

Purchasing from a fashion eCommerce website shouldn’t feel like a leap of faith. Customers need brands to step up their fitting game through body measuring technology that reaches the best fit from any distance. This feeling of trust and confidence is irreplaceable and generates the retention and reputation brands crave. It’s time for brands to find a remote measuring solution they and their customers can trust. 

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