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Sizer Technologies to showcase a Truly Customized Online Shopping Experience in kornit digital booth at ITMA 2019

Sizer Technologies, a leader in body measuring and fit technology, has joined forces with Kornit Digital (Nasdaq: KRNT), a worldwide market leader in digital textile printing, to showcase their vision for a seamless e-commerce shopping experience at ITMA 2019. Sizer Technologies is a young start-up company which has developed game-changing fit technology that obtains accurate body measurements of its users and is then able to provide size recommendations to achieve best-fit clothing. A leader in its field, Sizer’s computer vision technology consists of a mobile app, which via any mobile device camera, directs the user to stand in a few specific poses, whilst images are taken, which are then converted into accurate measurements using deep learning algorithms. To date, Sizer has focused on providing its technology to online fashion retailers by provide shoppers with accurate size recommendations, which helps to tackle the costly burden of high returns due to incorrect size and fit and to increase conversion rates.

Kornit’s innovative printing technology enables businesses to succeed in web-to-print, on-demand and mass customization concepts. With a vision to create a world where everybody can bond, design and express their identities one impression at a time, Kornit today offers a complete line of direct-to-garment printing solutions that range from commercial to mass production level. By combing the technical expertise of both businesses, and our vision to take online shopping to the next level, we are well placed to introduce an exciting new offer to the market, where shoppers will be able to very easily order a customized printed garment on-line, with the confidence that it will fit. Adam Kaplan, Sizer’s CEO concludes: “teaming-up with industry leader Kornit Digital is a very exciting opportunity. Sizer’s highly accurate sizing solutions and Kornit’s direct-to-garment are a great match and together we can both truly strengthen our product offering”.

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