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Sizer unveils new brand look as business growth momentum continues

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Company’s growing scope, and new mission reflected in new branding

Herzelia Pituach, November 28, 2021. Sizer, the body measuring platform leveraging computer vision deep learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to transform the fashion industry, has unveiled a formalized mission — “Capture and streamline highly valuable sizing data into the value chains of fashion and garment brands, helping them to optimize their digital business” — and a new brand identity that better reflects the company’s growing scope, scale, and momentum gained with large and global customers.

“Sizer is experiencing a lot of traction from an increasing diversity of clients across the fashion and garment industry,” said Adam Kaplan, Sizer CEO. “We’re partnering with high street fashion and lingerie brands as well as uniform clients in the military, emergency services, medical and construction industries, all of whom are using Sizer to gather invaluable sizing data of their customers, save on costs and dramatically improve garment fit”.

“We are driven by our vision that Sizer will benefit many different industry sectors,” said Kaplan. “This vision is being realized as word spreads about Sizer’s value as the best-in-breed, award winning digital sizing solution that is transforming the fashion and workwear industries. It’s very exciting to see companies’ vote of confidence as Sizer’s powerful technology becomes widely known. It turns out a lot of people throughout the industry want to see change in the way they fit their customers and help stop the relentless battle against unwanted returns and unsustainable processes.”

More and more companies around the world, including Wacoal America, Hunter Apparel Solutions, Australian Defence Apparel (ADA), Landau Uniforms, are adopting Sizer to help them solve the customer friction of incorrect fit.

Nicole Levitt Sizer VP Marketing added, “We wanted Sizer’s growing momentum and scope to be reflected in our newly defined mission, new logo and brand ID, which also embodies our company spirit of transparency, innovation and fun. The new branding also incorporates a new crafted tagline that talks about ‘starting with the right measures’, reflecting our promise to always deliver the most accurate body measure data and because at the end of the day, the data must be accurate, and data is only as good as the value it brings.

Word is spreading about how Sizer helps companies to capture invaluable customer sizing data and optimize their digital business. With this new mission and brand identity in place, Sizer is well positioned to support its loyal customers as they grow and expand adoption across new industries, and new geographic regions worldwide.

Sizer. Start with the right measures.

About Sizer Technologies

Sizer offers powerful, convenient, and customer-friendly body measurements solutions, empowering our partners to leverage valuable sizing-data, improving their offering and services. The patented Sizer body measuring solution captures the user’s body measurements and translates them into highly accurate size recommendations. Companies around the globe including Wacoal America, Hunter Apparel Solutions, Australian Defence Apparel (ADA), Landau Uniforms, Alsico, CT2, Aristocracy London and A+ Career Apparel trust Sizer to help them solve the customer friction of incorrect fit. With Sizer, companies and customers experience improvements in their daily operations and massive savings in time, costs and returns. Sizer is a private company headquartered in Israel and was recently awarded the Best Application of Innovation Technology by the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide Ltd (PCIAW®). For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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