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Sizer welcomes Simon Hunter as a Strategic Advisor

We are very excited to welcome Simon Hunter, CEO of Hunter Apparel Solutions, as a Strategic Advisor to Sizer’s Board of Directors, strengthening our mission to being best-in-class in fit technology and provide seamless solutions for workwear vendors to drastically improve the complex logistics and costs of uniform fittings Simon is the third generation of his family to run the Hunter Company, which began as a bespoke tailoring specialist in 1936, but has evolved into a pioneer in the creation and management of technology driven professional clothing. Simon is also one of the founding directors of the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW) and was just prestigiously honored with an M.B.E, in the 2020 New Year’s Honors List, in recognition of his ‘Services to Business and the Economy’ With more than two decades of experience and leadership in professional clothing and a deep understanding of the challenges facing the industry today, we believe Simon will be an invaluable asset to help drive Sizer’s growth and provide much needed fitting solutions to the market.

Carefully designed and tested for uniform vendors, Sizer’s platform, has been shown to dramatically improve efficiency of sizing workers and fitting them with the correct uniforms first time around.

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